Opening hours

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
Opening hours throughout the year
Tuesdays to Sundays:  10.00 - 17.00 uur
In July and August, the museum is also open on Mondays.

Apart from the boat trip and demonstration auction there are also expositions, an audiotour (in English, French or German) and the boat halls. There is plenty to see at Museum BroekerVeiling!

In November and December we cannot guarantee a regular program due to events surrounding the Sinterklaas and Christmas period. If you plan to visit our museum during this period, please feel free to contact us for more information at +31 226 31 38 07.

Thursday the 27th of April (King's Day)
Thursday the 22nd of June (Plus Wandel4Daagse)
Saturday the 24th to Monday the 26th of December (Christmas)
Saturday the 31st to Monday the 2nd of January (New Years)

Visitor Rules and Regulations